Interesting and Health Facts about Coconut

Here is an article about interesting and health facts about coconut. Since I am providing this because September 2nd is celebrated as “Worlds Coconut Day” so lets know some interesting and health facts of coconuts.

In Indian tradition, coconut is the most preferable fruit since we start our prayer with coconut, it has also many historical meanings and facts let us discuss.

There is a reason for coconut presence according to Hindus Ethic. Once lord Ganesh at his childhood likes his father three eyes and asked to open the third eye but it leads to disaster. So lord Siva told him I will give a special ball to play which is having three dots as like his eyes from there Coconut has arrived.

interesting and unknown facts about coconut

Australian and Indian researches told Coconut was available from 5 crores years ago itself.

European Tourists has introduced this coconut their country from us as Indian Nut.

Coconut contains calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Lauric Acid and this coconut liquid is equal to mother milk,

Coconut water reduces temperature in body also removes stones in kidneys.

Philippines follow a proverb that “A Coconut a Day keeps urologist away”.

Drinking coconut water gives health benefits for those suffering from glaucoma.

In Second World War soldiers used to take coconut water as injection since after running a lot soldiers will lose their electrolytes through sweat. So to avoid soldiers used to take also athletes used to take in competitions.

First five countries’s who plant huge amount of coconut trees are Indonesia, Philippines, India, Srilanka, Brazil

Foreigners used to play a coconut game, placing coconut in separate stands to hit that coconut who hit with ball wins the game and will be awarded

Do you know why coconut is placed in brides hand?
Because coconuts will be available as bunch so it tells to have those type of huge bunch of children to them this is why coconut is placed and it cannot be replaced by any of fruit.

You know why we break coconut for gods or for our prayers ?
Because in olden days people used to go to temple by walk to a long distances , So to pray god we need to have fruits that don’t ripened so coconut lasts for long time so people used to take that fruit to god.

These are some of the unknown, interesting and health facts about coconut happy “Worlds Coconut Day” to all our viewers. Share this information to all your friends and like us to get more interesting articles like these.
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Unknown Facts About Dreams - Very Interesting

I have a bunch of unknown facts about dreams here read those and share those interesting facts to your friends. 

Unknown Facts about DREAMS 

interesting facts on dreams
  • Nightmares stumble more for children compared to adults. 
  • 80% of people can’t remember their dreams when they wake up 
  • On average, a human can get 3 to 7 dreams a night. 
  • A human can dream only 2 to 4 hours in a whole night. 
  • 6 years in the human life time were spent on dreaming.
  • Blind People also dream if they born with blind then they dream Auditory (Means relating to the process of hearing). If they get blind in middle of their lifetime, they dream what they remember. 
  • 90% of the dream will lost on first we wake up. 
  • One who does not have dreaming activity were labeled as personality disordered. 
  • How much colder your room decides how much worst dreams that come to you. 
  • Average temperature gives you good dreams. 
  •  If you don’t go to sleep for 10 days then you will die. 
  • Most dreaming scenario tells dreamer + two other people. 
  • Soon you can save your dreams to hard disk said Scientists at UC Berkeley. 
  • A Human can get min 1460 max 2190 dreams year only can you believe? 
  • Lucid dreaming is the process of choosing your dream. 
  • A research told for about 12% of people dream in black and white. 
  • Even animals also dream like us. 
  • Violent dreams and nightmares are the warning signs of brain disorders. 
  • Women get more nightmares than men do. 

These are some of the unknown facts about dreams. Share your interesting dreams also share this article to your friends…
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Unknown and Interesting Facts About BEER

Today I am going to share Interesting and Unknown facts of BEER. Many of us have a doubt that drinking beer is good to health or not, now here I got a clear explanation that who have this dilemma read and share.

As a scientific note there are many health benefits on drinking beer, checkout those positives.

Advantages and Unknown Fatcs

facts about beer
  • A Portuguese study says mixing up your body with beer can destroy 70% of carcinogens in body.
  • Many of the researches wrote drinking beer makes your brain more health and decreases risk of mental decline. Research was conducted on 12000 older women those who have taken beer a day has low mental decline.
  • Harvard study tells drinking beer can avoid up to 25% of type 2 diabetes
  • A BEER is a bunch of Nutrition with a mixture of fiber, silicon, B Vitamins, Vitamins B6 and B12. 
  • Drinking BEER avoid forming of Stones in Kidneys as beer contains high watery content which cleans up stones etc in kidneys.
  • BEER avoids blood presser, it makes blood to avoid much sticky intern makes it clot less thereby reducing heart problems.
  • Three BEERS a day can keep doctor way- Barcelona, University Hospital
  • All these benefits attach to you when you moderate drinking beer. Too much drinking beer can cause harm to your health.
  • Most Expensive BEER is "Vielle Bon Secours" costs about $1000 each bottle.
  • There are about 400 types of beers all over world. Belgium has most brands in world.
  • "CENOSILLICAPHOBIA" is a fear of empty beer glass. Do any body have?  :P 
  • Drinking of 6mgs/per liter can strengthens your bones. 
  • In olden days there was a law to drink beer daily.
  • No 1 country consuming more beer is China, 2nd place for US
  • Women were the first professional beer makers (brewers) 

Disadvantages of Drinking Beer

Excess drinking of beer can cause fatal alcohol syndrome, Many types of Cancer, Increase of Violence, Driving related problems etc.

So To get healthy benefits from beer take it moderately and get all the health benefits.

Share this "Unknown and Interesting Facts About BEER" article to all your friends.. 
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Why Hindus Have a Tulasi Plant Outside of Their House

Hai everybody do you ever got a question on “Why Tulasi plant placed in every Hindus house?” I don’t know about you but I got it and researched for it and finally I got 3 different solutions and I don’t know which one is true but I am sharing all the three.

First Answer

tulasi house outside of house
Tulasi has a wish to marry lord Krishna but Krishna refused and said you were in my heart like Radha( Close Friend ). But it is not possible to be as a partner for that lord Krishna accepted a wish that without tulasi no puja will be offer for him and thereby giving a place on every home who worships Lord Krishna.

Second Answer

Tulasi plant was planted in all Hindus families since hindu ladies worship for their husband health and no worship without tulasi leaves will process. For every god worship need these tulasi leaves.

Third Answer

This answer relates to scientific point of view This plant can even eradicate deadly diseases like cancer etc. This is a portable medicine for cold fever taken with boiled water with a mixer of tulasi leaves. Also tulasi fragrance keeps distance from the dangerous insects and snakes. Even the touch of tulsi plant will kill bad bacteria on our body.

Most of us think answer for this question like this “May be it stop all the evil coming to our Home” even my mom said to me the same answer. 99.99% do not know this answer so share this "Why Hindus Have a Tulasi Plant Outside of Their House" article to your friends and your family members make aware about this three stories.
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Interesting and Unknown Facts about Money

Hello, everybody today I am going to share some interesting facts about money.


  1. India is one of the first countries to design coins, First coin in India was designed by “sher shah suri” (1486-1545). Those 40 coins equal to 1 rupee. 
  2. Word rupee was originated from Sanskrit word “rupyam”, Rupyam means silver coin in Sanskrit.
  3. In BC 2500, Egypt people of ancient Mesopotamia were used golden bars as coins. 
  4. When coins came in to existence thief’s also increased in number so at that time banks were constructed in temple itself since there will be crowd every time. 
  5. Paper currency first printed in china. 
  6. In 15th Century paper currency was restricted due to huge amount of money came in to existence. 
  7. Again in 1861 paper currency was printed. 
  8. Present currency rate for the American historic coins was 829 billion dollars. 
  9. Last year research published that, Compared to all other currencies American currency has more cocaine marks 
  10. American currency paper is not printed using tree juice, 75% with nuulu and 25% with naara 
  11. To avoid duplicate currency notes, America used a security strip on 5 dollar note in that strip a mixture of 6,50,000 small small glass strips so it is very difficult to print duplicate notes. 
  12. Frank X Mcnamara in 1949 went to hotel in Newyork with his friends but he forgot his money, so to avoid this situation he invented dinners club card and that is the first “Credit Card” 
  13. This Dinners club was made up of strong paper and one need to pay 3$ as credit. 
  14. First ATM was invented for london berkeley bank by john shepherd barron. 
  15. ATM Machine invented based on chocolate selling machine Present Indian currency printed on 1996, these are called as mahatma series. 
  16. Only reserve bank of India has the right to print currency. 

These are some of interesting and unknown facts about money share this to your friends….
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