How Deep In The Sea Can We Go

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We all know that sea is the mother of rich treasure. History tells that a broad variety of ornaments and gold were imbedded in sea, according to Indian purans also there was a story between gods and devils. Here in this article I have mainly targeted on the sea creators and artificial machines that goes deep in to the sea and discuss about their depth. This may also treated as interesting facts about deepest sea creators.

  • We all know about "scuba diving", one can go up to 650 feet only.
  • One who has taken all the security measures can go up to 2000 feet only.
  • Latest deep-sea machines have a capacity of 3300 feet.
To know about all the deepest sea creators and to know how deep in the sea can we go we have robots that will not need any human force to go deep. It all makes sense using a remote control and get all the information about sea creators.
Jacques Picart has created a record on going to 35,800 feet deep.
    how long can wee go deep in see
  1. A normal swimmer may go up to 425 feet, pressure at this feet is 13 times greater than the normal pressure. One should need a better training to go up to this limit.
  2. Scuba diving swimmers can go up to 475 feet on having all the security equipments with them.
  3. Using Special diving suits a swimmer can go deep up to 2000 feet as we see in discovery channels etc
  4. Bathysphere: It is a machine to go deep in to the see and this can move up to 3000 Feet. William baby and atis bardan have travel in this.
  5. American Underwater Sea Machine: It can move up to 3280 feet.
  6. Giant Squid: It a natural sea creator it will go up to 5000 feet and these creatures rarely found on the sea.
  7. Giant Tube Worms: It goes up to 7300 feet these creators found on 1977 near pacific hydrothermal vents.
  8. Sperm Whale: 7875 feet
  9. RMS Titanic Wreck: 12500 Feet, this was sunk in to sea with 1500 passengers inside on 1912
  10. Alvin 3 Submersible: 14,750 feet this is an American sea machine
  11. AUV Autonomous Benthic Explorer (ABE): 20,000 Feet its work is just to capture pictures and sending
  12. ROV Jason: 20,000 feet
  13. Natalie 3 Person Submersible: 20,000 feet this ship belongs to France
  14. Shinkai 3 Person Submersible: 20,670 feet deep
  15. Angler Fish: 27,230 Feet
  16. ROV KIKO: 35,797 Feet this is a robotic ship
  17. Trieste Bathyscaphe: 35,800 Feet
These are the Deepest Sea Creatures in the World and one can can depp in the see up to 35,800 feet using Trieste Bathyscaphe share this article to your timeline and make aware about this topic to your friends….

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